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Cocktail Menu

Spa Cocktails 


·         {Layer Cake Chardonnay} $7

·         {Layer Cake Cabernet} $8

·         {Pricky Frisk Riesling} $9

Bubbles:  $8

·         {The Cleopatra} Pama Liquor, Champagne and Pomegranate seeds.  Cleopatra used to rub pomegranates on her lips in       place of lipstick.  Enjoy that bit of history along with this tasty cocktail.

·         {Champagne Sangria} Sangria, champagne and fresh fruit.  Chock full of antioxidants and pure deliciousness.

·         {The Great Gatsby} Champagne and St. Germain.   Class in a glass. Enough said.

Cocktails: $10

·         {Dark n’ Stormy} Rum, ginger beer and lime.  Despite the gloomy name, this drink is perfect for a bright spa day!

·         {Cucumber Cooler} Cucumber vodka, soda, Sprite and cucumber.  Prepare to be refreshed.

Mocktails: $4

·         {Cherry Lime Ricky} Cherry juice, lime juice and club soda.

·         {Bee’s Knees} Lavender, Lemonade and honey. 


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