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Cocktail and Spa Lunch Menu

Spa Cocktails 


·         {Layer Cake Chardonnay} $7

·         {Layer Cake Cabernet} $8

·         {Pricky Frisk Riesling} $9

Bubbles:  $8

·         {The Cleopatra} Pama Liquor, Champagne and Pomegranate seeds.  Cleopatra used to rub pomegranates on her lips in       place of lipstick.  Enjoy that bit of history along with this tasty cocktail.

·         {Champagne Sangria} Sangria, champagne and fresh fruit.  Chock full of antioxidants and pure deliciousness.

·         {The Great Gatsby} Champagne and St. Germain.   Class in a glass. Enough said.

Cocktails: $10

·         {Dark n’ Stormy} Rum, ginger beer and lime.  Despite the gloomy name, this drink is perfect for a bright spa day!

·         {Cucumber Cooler} Cucumber vodka, soda, Sprite and cucumber.  Prepare to be refreshed.

Mocktails: $4

·         {Cherry Lime Ricky} Cherry juice, lime juice and club soda.

·         {Bee’s Knees} Lavender, Lemonade and honey. 


Spa Cuisine

Lime Spa wishes to give you the perfect spa experience, which of course, includes a delicious, healthy lunch.  Please place your spa lunch order when you check in to the spa and we will have it ready it for you at your desired time.  We get all of our spa cuisine from the Brasserie St. James restaurant.  Due to the constant changing of their menu we keep their most current menus at our spa front desk.  

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